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About the Teachers

We are a group of teachers located throughout the United States that have completed a required six-month, in-residence, teacher training and met all the requirements to become qualified teachers of the Ishayas’ Ascension. We come from many different backgrounds, yet have the same devotion to living the deepest truth of our being.

The freedom that we have come to through regular use of the Ishayas' Ascension has led us to want to share this technique with others. We have personally experienced and observed in others that the Ascension Attitudes are effective for removing stress; freeing one from limiting, destructive beliefs; bringing back joy and vitality to life; and taking us to the very truth of our being.

Please see below for a directory of teachers in the United States and Mexico. We invite sharing, questions and reflection.

*Bilingual teachers: Billy Martin and Chris Martin (English and Spanish) Kusum Ishaya (English and Japanese)

Name City Phone
Billy Martin Monterrey 01152-81-8989-6768
Issac Romo Monterrey 01152-81-1225-9598
Olivia Sierra Monterrey 01152-81-8315-3208
Steve Day Bullhead City, AZ 813-610-6398
Angela Elgee Green Valley, AZ 360-333-4046
Elizabeth Malamed Encino, CA 310-709-4504
Sherry Gentilini Huntington Beach, CA 714-393-9941
Judy Groode Layfayette, CA 818-298-7585
Eryk Stacy Modjeska Canyon, CA 714-758-5875
Lisa Stacy Modjeska Canyon, CA 714-758-5068
Charlotte Lynn Pasadena, CA 626-797-1862
Eric Blank San Diego, CA 619-672-3902
Maureen Masters Trabuco Canyon, CA 949-294-3665
Mary Schael Woodland Hills, CA 831-246-1790
Rita Vanderslice Yorba Linda, CA 714-970-7714
Karen Simmons Sebastopol, CA 707-205-5542
Bryan Wiman Grand Junction, CO 970-250-7354
Kolle Baca Grand Junction, CO 615-481-8001
Ann Pletcher Boynton Beach, FL 561-306-0580
Bill Dyer Jacksonville, FL 336-210-4934
Susan McCann Melbourne, FL 713-527-9410
Ranae Stewart Pensacola, FL 850-619-4224
Audrey Gawrych Weston, FL 970-930-2170
Debbie Gawrych Weston, FL 954-707-2195
Judy Groode Maui, HI 818-298-7585
Barb Pfeifle Greenwood, IN 859-221-3161
Amber Corinne Lawrence, KS 360-510-1123
Brenda Bergstrom 781-645-6031
Janessa Brown Auburn Hills, MI 336-209-2345
Paul Buskirk Commerce Twp, MI 724-205-3868
Suzi Rosen Lansing, MI 949-214-6470
Bob Shaw Springfield, MO 417-831-4474
Gayle Harper Springfield, MO 417-861-2678
Janene Moser Springfield, MO 417-831-4474
Jerry Stefaniak Springfield, MO 713-299-0584
Patti Stefaniak Springfield, MO 713-208-7407
Barb Flynn Stirling, NJ 908-310-8496
Michael Flynn Stirling, NJ 973-454-3077
Kathy Miller Stirling, NJ 908-647-1856
Victoria Murray Stirling, NJ 760-412-2703
Kirby Maram Boone, NC 828-297-4646
Becky Lankford Greensboro, NC 336-294-0967
Tiffany Braswell Greensboro, NC 336-549-3132
Brittany Cecil Greensboro, NC 336-501-0161
David Cecil Greensboro, NC 336-509-2900
Kelly House Greensboro, NC 336-772-4706
Susanne Stuckey Greensboro, NC 336-339-0652
Roxanne Jackson Raleigh/Durham, NC 919-496-3373
Susan McCann Raleigh/Durham, NC 713-527-9410
Kathy Eaton Greensboro, NC 336-609-4438
Penny Scott Eugene, OR 541-606-1048
Jeff Gray Portland, OR 503-523-6142
Bill Steiner Newton, PA 215-651-1640
Darlene Baclawski Williamsport, PA 570-419-6642 c
570-323-4555 h
Paul Baclawski Williamsport, PA 570-419-3636
Linda Ramirez Pittsburgh, PA 512-689-0907
Beau Scott Chattanooga, TN 865-235-1463
Kusum Ishaya Chattanooga, TN 865-272-9433
Ivan Marcinko Knoxville, TN 615-717-7429
Kali Ishaya Knoxville, TN 865-690-3942
Madhurasa Ishaya Knoxville, TN 865-850-2133
Tom Norris Knoxville, TN 865-690-3942
Avelon Pang Austin, TX 512-774-2128
Bhagavati Ishaya Dallas, TX 972-965-2292
Anne Gray Houston, TX 713-461-5843
Chris Martin Houston, TX (011-52-1) 81-1185-3686
US 832-291-1127
Francie Smith Houston, TX 713-201-3568
Katy Briscoe Houston, TX 713-446-5036
Kim Lowe Houston, TX 832-498-3195
Pat Moran Westford, VT 802-922-5645
Rudrani Ishaya Shenandoah, VA 540-661-7939
Steve Davis Madison, WI 760-382-7329
Renee Kramer Everett, WA 907-229-6972
Laura Johnston Marysville, WA 425-770-1671

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