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Introductory Talk 

This is a free event for those who would like an in-person Introduction to the Ishayas' Ascension. In the Intro Talk, you will find out what the Ishayas' Ascension technique is, how it works, what are the benefits and how you can learn the technique. Teachers will be available to answer questions.

First Sphere 

This is the course in which the Ishayas' Ascension technique is taught. It is usually presented over a weekend: beginning Friday evening, continuing through Saturday and Sunday. During the course, four Ascension techniques are given that effortlessly change the focus of our attention, giving a direct experience of the deepest truth of our being. There is a one-time cost of $250. After taking the course for the first time, subsequent attendance at any First Sphere (regardless of teachers or location) is available without cost. If you would like more information prior to taking the First Sphere please attend a free Introductory Talk or contact us.

Advanced Meeting 

An Advanced Meeting is a gathering of anyone who has taken the First Sphere. Sometimes they occur on a regular basis (every week, or once a month for example). It usually includes a period of sharing and closed-eyed Ascending. An Advanced Meeting can be organized by anyone that has learned how to Ascend and can take place with or without a qualified teacher present. Typically no cost for this event.

Advanced Weekend 

Essentially a two-day Advanced Meeting, guided by Teachers. Costs vary depending on location and amenities.


Retreats vary in length and location. Usually, they are 1-2 weeks. During Teacher Training, longer retreats are often offered. Costs vary depending on location and amenities.

Request a Course or Meeting for Your Area

To request an event (Introductory Talk, First Sphere, Advanced Meeting, Advanced Weekend, or Retreat) contact us through this website or call a teacher near you from our directory. Most events are small or medium size gatherings that usually take place in someone's home. If the teachers are traveling to your event from a distance, they may need housing accommodations in the area. Hosting an event is a very appreciated service to everyone attending, plus, it is a great way to spend some extra time with the teachers. If you are aware of people in your area who are interested in learning, or if you/your family are interested in learning, please consider contacting a teacher or emailing us, to set up an event.

Don't forget to check the Course Schedule above to see if there are any scheduled courses that you can attend - that may be easier than having the teachers come to you.

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